Welcome to Restaurant Solutions NYC, where we can help you from start to finish.  Are you looking to get your Liquor License or Sidewalk Cafe permit? Perhaps you need help in fighting the violations that you received from the Health Department, NYPD, FDNY or Environmental Control Board. Maybe you even need a Mock Inspection to prevent further violations. Either way we can help and make the process as easy as possible. Let us work on all the paperwork while you focus on your business. Have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Restaurant Solutions NYC is the ONLY  company of its kind in the entire City of New York. This is your “ONE STOP SHOP” where you can:

  • Obtain expert opinion and advice on how the city agencies operate,
  •  Get incorporated on the spot,
  • Obtain ALL your necessary Insurance Coverage
  • Obtain ALL necessary Licensing
  • Secure representation for any of the city’s courts
  • Fight judgments and summonses
  • Compliant with current city codes
  • Get representation for Health Department Hearings
  • Get representation for FDNY Restaurant Violations
  • We can provide you with a Health Department Mock Inspection
  • Obtain your Beer&Liquor License
  • Get your Sidewalk Cafe License
At your establishment, face to face meeting!!!
  • Flat Fee
  • per Hearing representation regardless of any number of violations!!!
  • Health Department Mock Inspections (inspecting your establishment for potential violations can save you thousands).
  • Beer & Wine Liquor License.
  • Sidewalk Cafe License (minimum 110 day long process required by law)