Fight Health and Mental Hygiene Violations !!!

We love helping our clients save money and improve their letter grade a long the way as well. Most people don’t know that you can fight these violations, not only will you save money by not settling but depending on how many violations get removed you can increase your letter grade also.  We specialize in New York Health and Mental Hygiene court representation. Contact us today for your free consultation and start saving money.

Let us help you dismiss your NYC Helath Department Violations

Why settle on your violations? Contact Us and find out how we can represent you and help reduce your violations. Every violation removed helps you improve your letter grade, so in theory turn a C into a B and a B into an A. We are great at what we do that we have even turned C’s into A’s. Call us today to find out more info.

Changing Grade C’s to B’s

We have helped several clients change their letter grades from C’s to B’s or even sometimes A’s. We also offer Mock inspections to prevent you from getting these bad grades to begin with. Contact us after your F0 report before they come and inspect.

B Health Department Letter Grade

We offer Mock Inspections to our clients to help them from getting violations and point out what are violations and how they can correct them. Contact Us and find out how we can help you in regards to your Health Depart Grade.

Need Help With Your NYC Health Summons


Need Help With Your NYC Health Department Summons ? Establishments get inspected at least twice and we can help you in both aspects. We have helped several clients save on their summonses and also helped them improve their letter grade. We have been doing for several years that we know more or less what can be dismissed. Contact Us or email us a copy of your violations and find out if we can reduce your summonses and also if we can improve your Health Department Letter Grade.

Health Department Letter Grade

Another satisfied client, not only did we save them money by reducing their Health Department Violations but also got them the A Health Department letter grade that every business strives for. Contact us and find out if we can also help you in achieving a better grade. We also offer Mock Inspection that help our clients stay on top of things. We also can help you renew your Food permit and much more.

Remove Health Grade Violations

Another happy client that we helped. Got violation ? Worried and don’t know why you received certain violations.  Let us help and remove as many violations as we can to save you money that you can put back in your establishment. Contact Us to find out what violation can more or less be dismissed. You can email or fax us your violation!!!

Helping You Save Money On Your Violations!!!


We fight as many violations as we can possible can trying to save you as much money as possible and in the process helping you get a better letter grade. We have been in the business a long time and know more or less what can be dismissed. We also offer Mock Inspections to prevent you from getting as many violations. For more information please Contact Us.